6 x 4 Box Trailer


Heavy Duty

Our 6 x 4  Box Trailers are built to last. Being hot dip galvanized ensures that the trailer
will look great for years - no paint can chip or scratch.
The trailer is fully welded - unlike many cheaper trailers on the market which are simply bolted together and rattle apart.

The floor of the trailer is 2.5mm checker plate and the walls are also 2.5mm thick.  Welded on 20mm round tie down rails will ensure your load doesn't shift.

The trailer comes with Sunraysia rims and LED lights which gives it a modern look.

If you ever need to replace the bearings, axles, springs or wheels they are easily obtainable and we carry them in stock.

The trailer has a tipping function for easy loading and unloading.

All Trailers come with a 12 month warranty



LOA: 3080mm
Width: 1680
ATM: 750 kg
TM: 235kg + 48kg Cage
Payload: 515kg, 467kg
Coupling: Apv; AS 4177.3
Rated Safety Chain
Plug: 7 Pin Flat
Draw Bar: 70 x 50 x 2.5 mm
Frame: 50 x 50mm
Checker Plate Floor: 2.5mm Low Height
Side Panels: 2.5mm Thick
Tie Down Rail: 20mm Round
Axle: 50mm Hollow Square
Bearings: LM67048/10 & LM11949/10
Dust Cap
Tyres: 165/70 R13
Rims: White 13 x 4.5 x 5 Stud
Springs: 50 x 7 x 4 Leaf
Fish Plate: 95 x 95 x 6mm
Lights: 2 x LED
Production: Fully Welded
Surface Treatment: Hot Dipped Galvanized

6 x 4 Box Trailer Tilt

Price & Optional Accessories

6 X 4 Box Trailer

6 X 4 Box Trailer Cage

Special 6 X 4 Box Trailer With Cage

6 X 4 Box Trailer Cage Cover $230
Cage Cover Supports $15

13' Spare Wheel $115
Spare Wheel Bracket $20

Jockey Wheel
6' $39
8' $69

12 Months Registration & Stamp Duty
Depending on Accessories